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Full Computer based Background Music Systems
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:: No more Skipping CD's or unsuitable CD's!
:: No more worry about Radio adverts from the competition
:: Stop worrying about what music to buy!
:: Control upto 4 zones separately

Q-THIS is a new Digital Music Management System that you can easily control from a Desktop PC, or from one of our own wall or desktop mounted ‘Touch-THIS’ screen monitors.

It updates via the Internet from a database of over 3 million songs (the same one used by the BBC), and lets you plan the music for your customers without naming a single song! It even lets you have different music in 4 separate areas (like café, foyer, showroom, offices etc).

Why have members of staff spending time sorting your music out when Q-THIS can do it automatically?

Want some easy listening at lunchtime? Dance music on a Friday night? Quiet ambient music on a Tuesday? It’s easy with Q-THIS™. Set up your schedule and mixes in minutes, not hours.

Do all this for up to four independent music zones, each with their own schedule. Q-THIS™ will automatically pick the tracks based on your preferences. You can find, add or remove individual tracks from the schedule and of course you can create your own exact playlists too.

“No complicated ratios or percentages to manage. Create as many different types of music mix as you need. Use simple sliders to choose the type of music in each mix. Set when each mix is played on a simple Monday to Sunday, time of day basis.

So whether you’re letting Q-THIS™ pick all the tracks or using your own playlists, this is easiest piece of music software you’ll ever use.”

schedule screen Music genre screen Playlist screen 4 zone summary

Flexible control

Once you’ve set your music mixes and schedules you don’t have to worry. Q-THIS™ looks after itself, automatically playing your mixes to your schedule. You may like more control to change the mix or pull up a requested track on demand. With Q-THIS™ it’s easy.

Q-THIS™ can be controlled directly on the machine it’s running on of course, but you can control it remotely too. So whether you keep the Q-THIS™ server in a cupboard, the manager’s office or under the bar you can control it from anywhere over a wired or wireless network connection.

If you want to control the Q-THIS™ server remotely with a touch screen we offer a ready made solution. Our Touch-THIS Screen just needs a standard CAT5 network connection to fully control the Q-THIS™ server remotely. The screen is splash proof to IP65 rating and is suitable for use behind a bar or in a damp area. Up to four screens can be used so you can have one screen in each zone.

The Music Library*

We have an extensive and varied library of music - you will have online access to this, and will be able to search through the database using several different search criteria, options and tools.

We understand that not everybody has time to manually pick every single track on their system, so we have got some ready made packages of tracks that you can tweak and fine-tune to suit your venue.

All you need to do is just let us know what kind of customers you're expecting, or give us a good idea of the kind of styles and genres of music you want to hear, and we'll pre-load them onto your system.

When everything arrives you can then choose more music, and balance the playlists exactly how you want them without having to pick every track individually... unless, of course, you want to.
*Please note this software price is subsidized by the monthly music subscription fee, this fee covers the PPL licence for the music, contact us for more details

Playing the right music, at the right time, to the right people.

To find out more, and see if we already have something to suit you, just give us a call!

Background Music Software Deals
qthis background music software Software only
We can supply this Software on a disc ready to install on a computer. It includes a one Premises / one Computer Licence
background music software Software + Computer Bundle

Base modelSpec :

:: 2.66Ghz
:: 1Gb RAM
:: 40GB
:: Genuine XP
:: 17 Inch TFT

From £459.99

:: 300MHz Processor
:: 256MB RAM
:: 1024 x 768 16-bit Graphics
:: 16-bit Sound Card
:: Windows XP Service Pack 2

:: 1GHz Processor
:: 512MB RAM
:: 1024 x 768 16-bit Graphics
:: 16-bit Sound Card
:: Windows XP Service Pack 2


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